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Bounty hunters responsible for reported kidnapping in DeKalb


It’s not known yet if action will be taken against two bounty hunters, who triggered a report of a kidnapping in DeKalb on Friday.

Police were called around 3:30 after a report of an abduction at the Casey’s General Store on Annie Glidden Road.  They were told by the man who called them that he had gone there to meet with others about the sale of personal property…when his wife was forcibly removed from his vehicle, and driven off by two suspects.

Officers learned that the woman was wanted in Mississippi for a bail violation; investigators confirmed this with a bail bond company in DeSoto County, Mississippi, and the bond enforcement agents put police in contact with the alleged victim.

The woman was safe, and being taken back to Mississippi for a court appearance; but since bounty hunting is illegal in Illinois, the agents could still face charges here – possibly including kidnapping.

Illinois is one of four states which prohibit commercial bail bond companies; and bounty hunting, even for out-of-state companies, has been illegal here since 1965.

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