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DeKalb County's nursing home fined for patient injury


DeKalb County’s Nursing and Rehab Center has been fined $25,000 by the state, for an incident in which a resident was injured while receiving care.

The Illinois Department of Public Health’s quarterly report on nursing home violations includes the fine levied against the county center.

This stems from an incident in December of 2017; the state report says a staff member attempted to transfer a patient from his wheelchair to the bed by himself, even though that particular resident was listed as requiring at least two people to assist them. 

The staff member was unable to handle the transfer, and both fell; the patient wound up requiring surgery for a fractured left femur, and family members report he suffered a lot of pain as a result of the injury.

The center received what’s known as an “A” violation, which is assessed when a patient is injured as a result of caregiver’s actions; a “AA” violation is given out whenever a death occurs.

Nina Blackwood



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