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Jeff Keicher to finish Bob Pritchard's term in state House


Republican Jeff Keicher will be sworn in as the newest Illinois state representative, replacing Bob Pritchard.

Keicher of Sycamore was selected by the Republican Party chairs of Boone, DeKalb and Kane counties to serve out the remainder of Pritchard's term, which expires in January. The swearing-in ceremony is set for 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, at the Dayton farm east of Sycamore.

Pritchard of Hinckley left his seat this month to join the Northern Illinois University board; he announced last year his plans to retire. He's been a House member since 2003.

Keicher is in the insurance business; he says he'll decline the part-time salary of at least $67,000, pension and health care from the state. He said he doesn't want to contribute to the state's issues.

Keicher will face Democrat Paul Stoddard, a soon-to-be retired Northern Illinois University geology professor, in the November election.

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